Targeted Selection is a hybrid Service that evolved due to an increasing demand by our clients. This is a Search Process that takes the steps and component parts of a Retained search and incorporates them into a Search Process for searches that are not traditionally put on full retainer. These roles are usually senior level individual contributors and mid-level managers. These professionals are the internal “leaders of tomorrow” or impact bench employees that will be groomed and slotted for executive roles in an organization. Our approach on these niche needs is to provide a solution to a client where the client commits exclusivity to us on the Search. We then meet with the client leadership team to learn about company and department culture, spend time defining the role and its requirements, do targeted research, and do in depth sourcing and networking. Once a long list of candidates is surfaced, we further screen and interview while incorporating our client’s feedback on the slate. From there, a short list of candidates is set up for the interview process. We will guide and assist in the process to make sure the process goes smoothly. Once a finalist is identified, we work with and consult the client and candidate through the offer stage, offer acceptance, start date and periodic follow up to assure success for all parties. 

Project Based Recruitment is very similar to Target Selection. We take the same approach and customized process only we apply it to blocks of three or more searches that need to be filled immediately or larger projects where a client may have many needs over a long period of time. With the Project Based Recruitment model, we use a dedicated project recruitment team to offer our clients a solution that will not only get their needs filled but filled in a timely and efficient manner and with cost effective pricing strategy. 

Market Intelligence has a few different variations that can be customized as the client requests. For organizations that have large recruiting staffs but do not have the time or resources to locate the talent, we will provide Research and Market Intelligence to the client. We can provide basic information on lists of candidates like Name, Title, Company, and Phone Numbers. We can take it a step further and identify the professionals on that list that are interested in hearing more about new career opportunities and give feedback as to why those that are on the list and not interested are not. For those clients that have the resources to identify candidates from internal databases and job boards but not the time go through the database or call all of the posting responses, we can take the client's information, make the sourcing calls, and identify which candidates are interested and potentially a match for the role. 

DYNAMIX GROUP, LLC was founded to fill a void that our clients and most other organizations have when it comes to using third party search and recruiting firms. Companies want a Recruitment or Search Partner that will represent them appropriately to the outside as if they were an extension of their own organization. They want a firm that will listen to their issues and can strategize and customize an approach and game plan to their individual need at hand. They also want a firm that can go above and beyond traditional means of identifying, sourcing and attracting outside talent to fill their internal impact or “Leaders of Tomorrow" type openings.


DYNAMIX GROUP, LLC has four basic products or service offerings. Each platform has a different approach in regards to how the recruitment effort will be structured. The diversified product offering is to allow the client to choose from an array of services that will best suit their need for the Search at hand. The commonalities of the services are that they all can be tailored in accordance with the client’s request for a given project. Needs differ from client to client and needs for a specific client vary from time to time and from internal department to internal department. Our goal or objective is to be a strategic recruitment partner and an extension of our client. Together, we can take our knowledge, experience, and industry best practices along with our metrics driven methodologies and combine them with our client’s internal initiatives, culture, and input to provide a strategic, customized and results oriented solution for our customers.

...providing recruitment and talent acquisition solutions with strategic and customized approach

The keys to success for all of our service offerings ARE
  • The forming of a solid Partnership between DYNAMIX GROUP, LLC and the Client
  • A thorough understanding of the client’s environment and culture; both for the company and the individual department
  • A detailed discussion of the open role, why it was created, and what impact it will have on the organization
  • The development of a strategic game plan and customized approach for each search
  • Commitment, Trust, Openness