DYNAMIX GROUP, LLC is a new breed of Recruitment and Search firm. In this ever changing business world, vendors and suppliers need to adapt to the requests and increased expectations of their existing and future clientele. What was a successful way of doing the Search business years ago may not be as effective in today's market. We are a firm that has a vision which is dedicated to coming up with proactive business solutions that satisfy our clients' needs. DYNAMIX GROUP, LLC provides its clients with a team based approach where we ask our client to commit to being our business partner; with a common goal of a successful outcome to a Search. We exhibit a metrics driven and results oriented approach throughout our process.

DYNAMIX GROUP, LLC is committed to a process that entails continuous improvement, quality, integrity, ethics and the highest level of customer service.


DYNAMIX GROUP, LLC, has a distinct vision of how Recruiting and  Search should be done in today’s business environment.  We feel that customization, strategic planning, understanding cultures of organizations, and targeted research up front will lead to a greater success rate for project completion.  Our ultimate goals are Search Fulfillment and Employee Retention.

...providing recruitment and talent acquisition solutions with strategic and customized approach

Our Approach

Understanding the Need

Our consultants develop a thorough understanding of the position and client organization by meeting with the hiring executive and human resource representative, and, as appropriate, other members of the management team. This understanding, which includes a set of position specifications, is then confirmed in writing. We identify the skills and personal attributes required for success in the organization, as well as the basic responsibilities, reporting relationships, education, and experience needed for the position.  We measure each candidate against these standards to ensure that there will be a lasting fit with the culture of the organization.

Research and Planning
Using the position profile as a guideline, our consultants create a target list of organizations where qualified candidates are likely to be found.  We share that target list with our clients.  Then, we assemble a focused and targeted list of potential candidates (both active and non-active) within those organizations utilizing personal networks, our database, published and on-line resources, as well as original research.  Original research is critical to the success of identifying passive (non-active) candidates. 

Recruitment and  Assessment
We approach potential candidates from our target list with our client’s unique opportunity.  Once the dialogue is established and interest is determined, we evaluate the candidate’s accomplishments and style through a series of in-depth telephone interviews.  We spend considerable time becoming familiar with each candidate’s personal and career needs to determine if the opportunity is the right fit for both parties.

Candidate Presentations
Based on phone interviews, our consultants will present a list of qualified candidates.  Our client receives detailed candidate profiles that include a chronological resume summarizing accomplishments, compensation information, and a thorough comparison of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses against the specifications established for the position.  Early on in the process, we will inform the client of any potential obstacles or challenges to recruiting a candidate. 

Interview Facilitation
We help coordinate and schedule all interviews with perspective candidates.  We will provide you candidate feedback on a regular basis.

Reference and Background Checks
Prior to our client extending an offer, we complete final reference checks by talking in-depth with references who have first-hand knowledge of the final candidate's professional accomplishments and management style; process background investigations; and verify academic credentials through an outsourced service as needed.

Negotiating the Offer
Clients frequently ask us to serve as intermediary during potentially sensitive salary negotiations. We assist in identifying key issues and expectations of both parties. 

Follow Up
After a candidate starts, our consultants make periodic calls to the hiring executive and candidate to ensure a smooth transition