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...providing recruitment and talent acquisition solutions with strategic and customized approach



has a few different variations that can be customized as the client requests. For organizations that have large recruiting staffs but do not have the time or resources to locate the talent, we will provide Research and Market Intelligence to the client.

                                                            is a national search firm assisting small, mid-cap and large Fortune 500 organizations with the recruitment and succession planning side of their business. We specialize in identifying key managers and individual contributors to fill “impact roles” with the potential to be the leaders of tomorrow. We offer fully customized and flexible solutions to meet the specific demands of an organization’s talent needs.


is a hybrid Service that evolved due to an increasing demand by our clients. This is a Search Process that takes the steps and component parts of a Retained search and incorporates them into a Search Process for searches that are not traditionally put on full retainer. 


is very similar to Target Selection. We take the same approach and customized process only we apply it to blocks of three or more searches that need to be filled immediately or larger projects where a client may have many needs over a long period of time.